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Freitag 04.07.2003

> DJ NOOKIE (UK, Good Looking Rec) > DJ Neevo ( > DJ PP VoltronSte.Luce(soulsurfinmusic)

Undoubtedly one of the leading lights in the Drum & Bass scene, Nookie, previously known as Cloud Nine/Second Vision/New Balance (along with BLAME), is Herts based artist/producer/remixer Gavin Cheung. Already into pirate radio, electro and hip hop, as well as jazz funk, while still a school boy, Gavin served his musical apprenticeship working in Soho's Red Records (which later became Unity Records). Not only did he get to meet many important people in the industry, but managed to establish himself as a reputable DJ. After producing a few bedroom mixes/demos for his hip hop group 'Illegal Pressure', Gavin went on to study computer technology at college. He then set up his own home studio. Citing many musical influences he says: "Personally, I'm into good music full stop, whether it be hip-hop, soul, house etc. Music is about feeling and I try to reflect that in my music, be it when I'm playing out or in the studio." To his credit is "Give a little love", one of the first underground rave anthems, which came out on absolute 2 records. "The sound of music", another early rave anthem from "The return of Nookie EP", issued by Reinforced records, "Snow"/"Jazzmin" on Moving Shadow, one of the first tunes to use a real jazz double bass, amongst others. His status as a remixer continues to rise, not least due to his interpretation of Goldies instant classic "Inner city life", and more recently his remix of MC Conrad's "Energetic Poetry". DJ's who have helped promote his work include Fabio, Grooverider, LTJ Bukem and Ray Keith and of course LTJ Bukem. In terms of Good Looking, Nookie had already had various releases under his other aliases including New Balance "Reflections" and Second Vision "The Italian job". Recently he has added multiple 12" releases, the First Light and Oceanic EPs and "In@thedeepend", his massive debut album. Despite these quality releases, Nookie is not resting on his laurels. For Good Looking's newest recruit its all about contributing a freshness to the scene: "Artists that I rate have to include anyone with the persistence and determination to have a go and experiment with different sounds and not to just bite other peoples creations to make a few dollars, after all that is why I started to make music, to interpret what is going on inside my head into others through the use of sound".

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