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PURE DRUM & BASS Redirect Club Night Present:

Samstag 16.10.2004

Most wanted Djs: Miss Pink (uk) Sueshi (bs) Rough J (bs-rdr)

What kind of music do you play? Drum&Bass ( also Hip-Hop/old Skool Hardcore in smaller/non. dance environments) How did you get into djing? Thrown into it as my boyfriend (Adam/DJ Sci-Fly) had decks, then played at Hackney squat parties because I had some records just from being into music, working in venues being at lots of parties!! Also because I was aware of how few female DJ's there are I thought I should make an effort. Fav track of the moment ? U.F.O. feat Lea - Something out there (U.F.O.) Contrast of sweet vocals with rock hard breaks Also any Breakbeat Era (XL recordings) tracks for the same reasons. Best gig you've ever done? Dance Stage - Reading Festival 99' ( totally up-for it crowd). If I'm allowed 2, Geezerbird party Hackney April 99' Me 'n' Laurels B'day lots of mates-good time! Worst gig you've ever done? Quite a few - a night called Crash Diana @ 333 Old St. last year when they decided to close the venue after I'd played about 2 records. A few years ago at The Four Aces,Dalston on decks right beside the men's(smelly) toilets and in another room at the same venue with a badly leaking roof. Do you dance? Absolutely Where do you go? For D&B Movement@ Bar Rumba / Metalheadz /Firestorm @ Mass & Odd one offs in Hackney @ Chats Palace and other small house/squat parties. Up for allsorts though lots of gigs/festivals check out all kinds of music. Which Djs do you rate ? Roni Size works really hard behind the decks always seems to give lots of energy. Dj Hype - DJ Skills and tuff funky music Dj Krust - always plays a bit more out there selection, Sexy Rubber Sole-Excellent female DJ with an ability to build from Dub to Drum'n' Bass thru house and generally create a good groove to get into. Which producers do you rate ? Ray Keith - Original clean sounds and low down dirty bass and frequently uses female vocals well.(shame he's so arrogant) Roni Size- the sheer amount of production which is always good quality lots of excellent Hip-Hop remixes which retain the original flava but add a bit of Bristol dub/tuff D&B to the mix. Sexy Rubber Sole produces really good downtempo stuff as well as great D&B unfortunately is finding it really hard to get anyone to put the stuff out-the D&B scene is so close knit that you have to be approved by the main players which is really difficult doubly if you are female! What do you get up to when your not djing? Play a bit of saxaphone/a little singing, managing Ambient Soho,modelling for Rotorbabe and generally staying as pink as possible. What do you think of Ibiza? I haven't been so its hard to have an opinion.Sun,Sea and Sand sounds great but being amongst 1000's of UK clubbers in expensive clubs doesn't. Bored of 100's of Ibiza supplements in music magazines. Have you got any advice for all the kids trying to get in to djing? Listen! Stay true to yourself but be aware of what people on a dancefloor get into. Don't get caught up with always needing the newest tunes-lots of old ones still rock and alot of people may never have heard them the first time around (thats why all the Trance tunes are remixed /re-released so often).Be prepared to spend years doing it for nothing!! All time top 5 tracks 1: Mental Power - Deep Soul (Formation) Old skool jungle tuff with lovely vocals. 2: Cloud 9 - You got me burnin' (moving Shadow) Old skool hardcore ravin' tune pianos & vocals. 3: Unknown Jungle version of Anita Bakers - Sweet Love Never been able to find a copy but just reminds me of first moving to Dalston East London and hearing it booming out of peoples cars. 4: The Advocate- Deviant (criminal recordings) Heavy metal D&B at its finest. 5: Anthrax v's Public Enemy -Bring the Noise Just Because!!

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